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Begin Your Neuroscience
Career With The P.A.I.N.S Lab

We’re looking for talented trainees and staff to join our team who are passionate and committed to exploring the impact of pain and anesthesia on the developing brain. Together, we can have a significant impact on clinical care, and develop effective, evidence-based, targeted interventions to improve the long-term outcomes of infants, children, and youth struggling with pain. A career in developmental neuroscience is exciting and fulfilling, and a partnership with the P.A.I.N.S lab will help you to achieve your dreams of a meaningful career in clinical research. 


Features of the lab

  • Structural & Functional Neuroimaging​

  • Neurostimulation​

  • Experimental Pain Testing​

  • Observational Coding

  • Neurodevelopmental Testing

  • Biomarkers

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations


Welcome to Calgary

The Perfect Place to Expand
Your Neuroscience Caree

Calgary, Alberta Canada offers a rich history, a beautiful setting, and an exciting culture for students interested in a neuroscience career. Tourists, academics, and other visitors come from around the world to experience the remarkable Rocky Mountains, silhouetted behind Calgary’s stunning city skyline. The P.A.I.N.S lab is located at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, a family-centered care facility that was designed by the people who use the building the most — kids, families, physicians, and staff. The colourful LEGO-inspired building is something of a landmark in the city. Trainees of the P.A.I.N.S lab will also have access to the clinical and research purpose-built space in the Vi Riddell Children’s Pain & Rehabilitation Centre. In addition to administering care for over 100,000 kids each year, the hospital also provides several opportunities for neuroscience jobs, neuroimaging jobs, and countless positions for other clinical and research personnel. Join the P.A.I.N.S lab and discover everything this amazing city has to offer.  


Anesthesia Offices, 3rd Floor,

28 Oki Dr NW, Calgary AB T3B 6A8




Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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